Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welsh Terrier Dog Pet Portrait Drawing

A mouthful of tennis ball, this Welsh Terrier portrait was commissioned as a gift. Pet portraits make wonderful gifts for that person who has everything. To view more details or order your pet portrait, visit

Pedigree Brittany Spaniel Portrait

This commissioned dog drawing is of a beautiful dog named Kay-Sea. To view more detail visit

Flat Coated Retriever dog portrait

Colonel is featured in this commissioned dog portrait. I enhanced the eyes and name tag of this graphite drawing with a touch of colored pencil. Image size 8" x 10". Please visit for more information.

Swimming Golden Retriever pencil drawing

This is Hank retrieving a stick in the water. I just loved the reflection and ripples on the water surrounding the dog and suggested to the owner that this was a great pose for a dog portrait. Commission portrait size 8" x 10". To view more details, visit

Portrait of Labradoodle (mix) dog drawing

Meet Coco, a black labrador standard poodle cross. This portrait was almost entirely done using 8b graphite pencil with only a touch of color for the eyes and tongue. This is another example of enhanced graphite using colored pencils. Image size is 10"x 10". To enquire about your own pet portrait of view more details of this drawing, visit

Early work - German Shepherd Drawing

This 8" x10" drawing of a German Shepherd Dog was created many years ago when I was a teenager. This is "Barney", a dog I used to help take care of and bring for walks.

Bull Moose Drawing

This is an earlier work of a bull moose (american elk) and cat-tails. The larger size drawing measures 18" x 24". To enquire or purchase, visit for more details.

Snow Leopard drawing

This is an enhanced charcoal/graphite pencil portrait of a snow leopard entitled: "Peaceful Repose". The subtle coloration was added using colored pencil. This size of this artwork is 9" x 11". To purchase or enquire, visit for more details.

Horse portrait graphite pencil drawing

A majestic pose of Trinity, an Irish sport dressage horse. Size for this drawing is 14" x 18". To commission your equine portrait or view more details of this arwork, please visit

Raccoon wildlife pencil drawing

This cute raccoon drawing is entitled: "Coon Hideout" for obvious reasons. I loved working on the intricate details of the pine bark as well as the fur of the raccoon. Size is 9"x 12". To purchase or enquire, visit for more details on this wildlife drawing.

Portrait of Golden Retriever Pencil Drawing

This proud fellow is Buddy. He is quite the handsome golden retriever. Commissioned dog portrait, 11" x 14". Visit for more details.

Domestic cat pencil drawing

Meet Hamlet, a domestic short haired cat posing with his favorite mouse toy while laying on his owner's bed. Commissioned cat portrait, size 8x10. View for more details.

Enter my world of pencil art!

This blog will serve as an ongoing display gallery of my finished charcoal/graphite pencil artwork. Welcome to my world of wild animal art!